Geometric Concrete Air Plant Holders

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These geometric concrete planters are individually hand poured, handmade and hand painted. They make the most perfect little accents around the home or office. They're perfect for air plants and even small succulents or a cactus.

- Octahedron Planter is approx 2" in size
- Geodesic Sphere Planter is approx 2.5" in size
- Each planter comes with an Air Plant

Air Plants are great for any indoor space as they are extremely easy to care for. They only need indirect sunlight and occasional watering. I lightly mist mine approximately every 2-3 days and it keeps them happy and healthy! I send a care card along with every purchase so you will be able to keep your new plant happy too.

Please refer to shipping announcements for current lead times. Typically I need 7 business days because each planter is handmade.

Wholesale & Bulk Ordering available on this item. 
Please email for inquiry.

Please note that due to customs, I cannot ship air plants internationally. I can still mail the planter, just not with plants included.